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Through this podcast interview series, I speak to product leaders all across the world and learn from how they build and manage world class products. Over the course of past several months I have interviewed people like Steve Johnson, Shardul Mehta, Prabhakar Gopalan, Mike Smart, Michael Eckhardt and many others. One of the important segments of my podcast interviews are ‘war stories’, where I ask my guests to narrate case studies where they solved the most challenging problems as product managers. I also ask my guest to provide books recommendations that may have shaped their careers.
16 10, 2016

Jason Fraser, Principal Product Manager, Pivotal Labs on Lean UX and Extreme Programming

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About Jason Fraser

Jason Fraser is Principal Product Manager at Pivotal Labs.

Jason is passionate about […]

9 10, 2016

Mike Knoop, Co-founder, CPO at Zapier on hiring first PM, building a growth team etc

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About Mike Knoop
Mike Knoop with us who is the cofounder and chief product […]

25 09, 2016

John Cutler on Evolving Role of Product Managers and a lot more

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About John Cutler
John Cutler, an experienced product manager with several years of product experience. […]

20 08, 2016

Elizabeth Burstein, VC at Mohr Davidow, Ex-PM at Linkedin on Traction Gap framework, her transition from PM to VC, her product philosophy and how she led a major overhaul of the Linkedin homepage

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About Elizabeth Burstein

 Elizabeth is a principal at Mohr  Davidow Ventures, where she  focuses on investments in […]

7 08, 2016

Karthik Srinivasan, Director Product Management, Eros Digital, on Behavioural Psychology in Hitech Products

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About Karthik Srinivasan

Karthk is director product management at ErosDigital. Karthik has been ex-head products […]

29 07, 2016

Teresa Torres, Product Discovery Coach on the Rise of Modern Product Discovery

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About Teresa Torres

  Teresa is a product discovery coach who helps teams adopt     […]

24 07, 2016

Akhil Aryan, ex-product head, Haptik on Chatbots and Conversational Commerce

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About Akhil Aryan

Akhil is a believer of AI-powered chatbots. He built product for India’s […]

21 07, 2016

Rian Van Der Merwe on introducing product management in startups

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About Rian Van Der Merwe

  For those of you do not know Ryan is […]

17 07, 2016

Abhineet Sinha on Building Products at Quikr, Analytics for Product Management etc

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About Abhineet Sinha

Abhineet is passionate about building technology products. He has been a product […]

3 07, 2016

Anupam Kundu, Global Strategic Advisor,Thoughtworks on Killing Products, Firing Product Managers

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About Anupam Kundu

Anupam Kundu was till recently the Global Strategic Advisor for Thoughtworks. He […]

29 06, 2016

Punit Soni, Ex-CPO, Flipkart and Advisor/VP, Google on Executive Product Management and other product wisdom

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About Punit Soni
Punit was till recently the CPO for Flipkart. He has been an Advisor […]

26 06, 2016

Harsha Kumar, Ex-AVP, Products, Ola on cab aggregation businesses like Ola and Uber, her product journey through Zynga and Ola and other PM topics

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About Harsha Kumar
  Harsha Kumar, who was till a few  weeks ago, AVP of […]

25 06, 2016

Graham Kennedy on Product Philosophy, Design Jams, Product/Market Fit and a lot more

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About Graham Kennedy
Graham is a seasoned product leader with over 10 years of experience […]

21 06, 2016

How to test an idea in 5 days? – Sprint by Jake Knapp, Google Ventures – A Book Summary

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Product discovery is the very beginning phase in a product development process where you […]

2 06, 2016

Greg Tutunjian, ex- Agile Coach for the US Air Force on Visual Planning

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 About Greg Tutunjian
Greg is a senior level management consultant and trusted advisor. Greg has […]

18 04, 2016

Norma & Deborah on Build, Buy, and Partner Strategies

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About Norma and Deborah
 Norma Watenpaugh is the founding principal and CEO of Phoenix […]

2 04, 2016

Christina Wodtke on OKRs and her book Radical Focus

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2 04, 2016

Emily Tate on Mobile Product Management

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About Emily Tate
 Emily is the product manager for TripCase, a leading  travel management app. […]

5 03, 2016

Roman Pichler on crafting strategy and roadmap for digital products

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About Roman Pichler

Roman Pichler is a leading product management consultant, teacher, and author. He has […]

5 03, 2016

Samuel Hulick on Software User Onboarding Best Practices

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I am excited to share with you my experience of spending a good hour […]

19 02, 2016

Gopal Shenoy on self awareness, org savvy and first 30 day plan for new product managers

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About Gopal Shenoy

Gopal Shenoy is VP, Products at Alignable, social network for small business […]

13 02, 2016

Alan Klement on why Job Stories Trump User Stories

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This is the second article in the three-part series on the subject of Jobs […]

6 02, 2016

Amanda Ralph on Jobs To Be Done Framework to Better Understand Customer Outcomes

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Recently I have been talking to a lot of customers in my company and […]

23 01, 2016

Sangeet Paul Choudary on Platform Business Models

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Why Product Managers Must Wear the Platform Thinking Hats?
Last couple of weeks have been […]

17 01, 2016

Greg Geracie on the dynamics of high performing product teams, ProdBOK, and other PM research findings

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Teams are what get things done in the world of work. Even though we […]

20 12, 2015

Henrik-Jan Van der Pol on Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

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About Henrik-Jan Van der Pol

Henrik-Jan is a former management consultant and now founder & CEO […]

6 12, 2015

Steve Portigal on the Art of Interviewing Users

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About Steve Portigal
Steve Portigal is the founder of Portigal Consulting, a firm that helps […]

19 09, 2015

Crucial Conversations – Tools for Talking When Stakes are High – A Book Summary (Part 1)

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Show Notes:

Chapter 1: What is Crucial Communication?
Crucial conversations are discussion between two or more […]

13 08, 2015

Ted Rubin on How to Look People in the Eye Digitally and Stories about Seth Godin

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About Ted Rubin
Ted is a leading Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist and Acting […]

14 07, 2015

Andrew Anagnost, SVP, Autodesk on Disruptive Business Models, Change Management, Public Speaking, Books and much more

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Andrew Anagnost
A member of CEO executive staff, Andrew Anagnost has more than 20 years […]