About Abhineet Sinha

Abhineet is passionate about building technology products. He has been a product manager with common floor, and Indiaproperty,com before, very strong real estate platforms. I havent had any guest from real estate or from classified space before. Hence, approached Abhineet and he gladly agreed.


Abhineet you work at Quikr and whoever I know have used Quikr have been a big fan and advocate of the product. So, you being a product manager, congratulations on your contribution to making such a great product. Most of the people in India know about Quikr, but for the benefit of our global audience.

Questions for Abhineet:

  1. What is the responsibility/KPIs as a product manager there?
  2. Who are some of the prominent players? Do you as product managers always keep an eye on competition everyday?
  3. Since you are almost 6 months into the role, how did you integrate yourself into the product role? What were your steps?
  4. Analytics. How to evaluate and measure metrics. And do you decide to act on those metrics.
  5. In your experience you have:
    – Revenue from SEM (+17% Month on month)

    – Revenue from calling (+27% Q-O-Q )
    – Organic website content (8% Month on month)
    – Revenue from Homeowners monetization module (Jumped to 1.8M from 0.5M Month on month)
     How has data helped you drive decisions as product manager in your career? How did you improve the metrics with your decisions?
  6. How do you plan your product features? Is it forward looking for a month or a quarter? Or do you have annual plans? What is your process from inception to launch?
  7. How do you test or validate your new features? Do you perform A/B testing on a sample size of customers?
  8. Is user research part of the plan? Do you ever talk to customers 1 on 1?
  9. Since you have worked at both India Property and Commonfloor, help us explain the role of a product manager in real estate?
  10. What problems does a product manager needs to solve in that sector? What are the metrics he is responsible for?
  11. What tools do you use to gather data? How proficient product managers must be to use such analytics tools? How does one get better at such tools?
  12. What are your suggestions to people who want to move towards e-commerce, real estate business as product managers? How can they prepare themselves for the role.
  13. What are some of the books that you would recommend fellow product managers?
  14. What are some of the vital skills that you think product managers cant do without?