About Abhishek Rathore

Abhishek is Director, Product Management @ Snapdeal, one of India’s pre-eminent Internet franchises (Snapdeal, Freecharge, Exclusively, Shopo, Unicommerce, GoJavas, Rupeepower etc.) with $4.5 billion+ in annual gross merchandise value (GMV) and over 1,000 engineers. Abhishek is the “Problem Solver” in Snapdeal – having worked on solving complex problems and improvement of metrics that have been very hard to move – namely ” Category Conversion Rates”, ” Order Salience for specific Fulfillment Modes”, “Search Quality”. Abhishek’s expertise is in Consumer products and Information Discovery. Love building and leading data-driven products and teams from scratch. Abhishek holds a M.B.A. in Systems and Marketing from IIM Lucknow, and a B.Tech in Computer Sc. and Engg. from BIT Mesra, Ranchi (India).

Questions for Abhishek

  • ABHISHEK, you are Director, PM with Snapdeal. Lets begin by understanding What are your roles and responsibilities are in Snapdeal? * What does a typical day or week look for you? * You are currently responsible for all product discovery and user growth initiatives across Snapdeal. What does it take to succeed in product discovery? Help us understand the inner workings?
  • I usually ask this to all senior PM leaders. What is your process of coming up with strategic product plans? How does it translate into execution? * How do you ensure the success of your strategic decisions?
  • How do you plan the roadmap for your product line? How do you set goals? * What are the most important skills to succeed as a product manager in Indian e-commerce? I stress it on Indian is because I would assume region and geographies and demography plays an important role. Its not like cookie cutter business model that you can apply from US to India to China. Am I right? * Please share with us about important metrics and KPIs PMs need to master to succeed in commerce?
  • How do you pick new product opportunities ? Do you kill unsuccessful projects? How do you do it?
  • What is your product philosophy? I began this asking this question to my guests after I interviewed Graham Kennedy who shared about his product philosophy (http://grahamkennedy.com/#/)
  • What do you look for in hiring product managers? How can product managers move into ecommerce if they haven’t worked in ecommerce before?
  • War Stories: This is a segment where my guests share with me the most important product challenge they faced in their career and how they resolved it. Or even if they failed, what were the key lessons learnt from the experience. We spend a good 10-15 minutes on digging deep into this.
  • Template questions that I end my interview with:
  • What are some of the books and resources that may have shaped or influenced you in product?
  • What are some of the vital skills you think product managers can’t do without?