About Akhil Aryan

Akhil is a believer of AI-powered chatbots. He built product for India’s largest chat based Personal Assistance company, Haptik.
Akhil has been running his own businesses from the age of 14. He calls himself an entrepreneur dedicated to frighteningly ambitious projects and positive disruption. What an ideal to live by!


Questions for Haptik:

  • You headed the product at Haptik. Please let us know What is Haptik all about?
  • What are the possibilities of conversational commerce?
  • With a lot of businesses tying up with Facebook messenger and WhatsApp messenger to offer their services and sell products, how probable it is for independent messaging commerce to thrive? Would it not be more practical to go where people are i.e in Facebook and WhatsApp?
  • You recently wrote a brilliantly insightful article titled  Chatbots & the Future of Apps in India”. You said, “Chatbots are being touted as the future of apps, but there have been great examples of how and why they will never reach this destiny.”what did u mean by that?
  • Explain the background of how chatbots came in picture?
  • Why chat screens of all the interfaces?