About Alan Klement:

A thought leader of Jobs to be Done and author of When Coffee and Kale Compete

Questions for Alan Klement:

  1. Last time you mentioned that there was a book in progress and rued the fact that there were no published books. But all of a sudden it rained books: Calyton Christentenson came up with a book, Competing Against Luck, Anthony Ulwick came up with a book, Jobs to be done. Intercom published an ebook and then came yours. Is it peaking in popularity?
  2. We covered JTBD theory in some measure the first podcast interview. But to set the stage lets touch upon it briefly before we can dig deeper.
  3. You mention in your early chapters that “creative destruction is increasing”. Help us understand it?
  4. You have laid a few principles of JTBD, which according to you are most important?
  5. To what depth should you probe to unravel customer’s true motivations. For ex- customers need a lawn mower, but he doesn’t need a lawn mower per se, his actual need is keep his grass trimmed, why does he need grass trimmed, because it makes his house look beautiful,  why does he need to make his house beautiful. Becauseit makes him happy. why does he need happiness etc? Where should you end?
  6. Lets discuss a case study: How did Clarity use JTBD done become successful?
  7. How to influence and establish JTBD in your product organisation?