About Amy Bunszel:

As Vice President of the AutoCAD Product Line Group, Amy Bunszel leads the product team responsible for producing a wide variety of AutoCAD products running on Windows, MAC, web and mobile platforms. Most recently, Amy has been driving a transformation of the AutoCAD product line – modernizing the 30+ year old desktop product and introducing new cloud, social, mobile experiences to the over 10 million AutoCAD users worldwide. Amy’s roots are in Manufacturing and Product Management and she enjoys building teams, creating product strategy, driving user experience excellence and spending time with customers across all industries. Amy also serves as the executive sponsor of our Retail Customer Council and key retail customers Starbucks and Walmart.

In 2003, Amy joined Autodesk through the acquisition of Linius Technologies, a Massachusetts’s based CAD software startup she co-founded. In 2010, after an 8 year stint in Oregon focused on manufacturing software, Amy and her family (husband Chris and children Renee and Nolan) relocated to the Bay Area.

Also In May 2013, Amy was named the most influential woman in Bay Area Business.
Show Notes:
1:30: Introduction of Amy
3:09: Amy’s role at Autodesk
4:35: Amy explains how her role is different from a VP, Product Management.
6:30: What goes in deciding whether to have a VP PM position in an organization?
8:00: What kind of organization Autodesk is? Is it a technology driven company, sales driven company or competitor driven?
10:00: How does Amy resolve differences in perspectives between leadership and teams?
14:00: Sometimes an important initiative is not a clear and obvious win for every team in an organization. Yet if every team doesn’t do it’s part, the initiative fails. How do you resolve that ambiguity over what a team can decide and what they can’t?
14:30: How do you plan to achieve growth in mature markets? Mature markets by its very definition are markets with a state of equilibrium where you don’t expect high growth.
16:20 How do you manage growth when you move from perpetual to subscription model of business?
19:30 In May 2013, you were named the most influential woman in Bay Area Business. Tell us a little bit about the background of that story.
20:50: What are your key leadership strengths?
23:00: What should be the key traits of a good leader?
24:30: How does being a woman leader change things?
25:00: What are some of the good traits a product manager must have?
27:30: How should a product manager gather cross functional skills?
28:30: How do you measure performance or KPIs of your product management team?
30:00: How do you keep yourself sharp and look to improve on your craft everyday?
32:00: What are some of the books that have shaped your professionally?