Andrew Anagnost

A member of CEO executive staff, Andrew Anagnost has more than 20 years of product, business and marketing experience that he brings to leadership of Industry Strategy and Marketing (ISM) for Autodesk. He is responsible for overall marketing direction and resources for the company including the company’s vertical and cross-industry strategy and marketing, business model transformation and evolution.
2:20: What are you responsible for at Autodesk?
4:38: What is a typical day for you at Autodesk?
9:00: How do you divide your time between strategy and execution?
12:30: How do you envision the future of a mature product?
17:00: What does it take for a huge organisation as Autodesk to undergo a successful business transformation? What are the rules and underlying principles?
22:30: How do you manage risks when making transformations?
26:00: You wrote an extremely popular blog post, Are You Blockbuster or Netflix? Innovation Realities for Software Subscription. Can you please provide us the key insights from it?
34:00: Should you be an early adopter or should you wait for others to adopt and learn from their mistakes?
40:00: As a business leader and industry leader, How do you manage to stay abreast with technology trends and industry shifts?
42:00: How do you have the pressure to keep yourself sharp and competitive on your skills and craft everyday? Do you still work on your personal development?
 47:00 How to become a better public speaker?
55:00 What are some of the books that you would recommend  product managers to read?
  • “Sometimes you can extend the life and importance of a product by extending your portfolio.”
  • “Change management is a series of irreversible compelling events”
  • “You cant just talk yourself to change”
  • “Formula for change management: compelling event, coalition around it, hero who demonstrates change” 
  • “Burn the boats”
  • “What’s your minimum viable transformation?”
  • “Would you rather be ahead of a change or would you rather be attacked by a change?
  • “The best way to capture change is to be ahead of it”
  • “If someone is going to destroy my current business, it’s going to be me, not them”
  • “Netflix didn’t disrupt Blockbuster, they disrupted themselves”
  • “Executives are storytellers”
  • “We have moved from fast follower to an aggressive experimenter”
  • “I use my curiosity as a guide”
  • “Knowledge is only as important as long it creates competitive advantage”
  • “Cornerstone of who I am: courage, scholarship, and empathy”
  • “It’s much easier to read a book, but it’s a lot harder to change yourself”
  • “I pursue honest assessment of myself “
  • “I deconstruct my personality flaws so I become a better version of myself”
Books Andrew recommends: