About Anupam Kundu

Anupam Kundu was till recently the Global Strategic Advisor for Thoughtworks. He has earlier been a Principal and Lean Agile Consultant at Thoughtworks too.


Anupam has a vast portfolio of successful and strategic leadership experience with  well known brands, both in for-profit and for-social-profit sectors. He brings  strong  focus in identifying common threads across disparate verticals and complicated  portfolios; use interdisciplinary consulting to co-craft, and accelerate new digital  service-lines while shepherding organizational change management.





Questions for Anupam

Q1. Tell us a bit about your career path briefly.

Q2. Your articles that you have written over the years are not fluffy. They are deep, well researched supported by a lot of data and real cases. For the audience who are listening to us, I am going to share the links on the show notes of the website, yoursproduclty.com. One such extremely popular article is titled “Is it time to fire your product manager”?  Do you want to summmarize your thoughts there?

Q3.  How do you find a great product manager like Sundar Pichai for your product in that case?

Q4.  You also have an article written on “Killing your product”. When do you decide to kill a product?

Q5.  6 years ago, you delivred a talk on How to Use Agile for Roadvmapping and be successful at it? On Slideshare it has more than 7000 views.Do you think what you shared in those slides is still releavt. Do you want to summarise?

Q6.  You have written some though provoking articles on Thoughtworks website. One of it is titled “4 steps to a colloborative portfolio roadmap”Do you want to briefly summarise what those 4 steps meant?

Q7.  You have also a brilliant article titled “5 trends shaping 2016”. I am going to share the link to that article in the show notes. But I am really interested to discuss is one the section about “Hacking Lifelong Learning”. Please elaborate more on what did you mean by that?

Q8.  These days you write a lot on Fintech. Since Fintech as a domain is a specialized field, what skills and qualities do you need for product managers to thrive in that industry?

Q9.  You have been writing a lot on organizational transformation lately. I know its a huge subject by itself. May be we do a podcast just on that topic sometime in future. But what is it briefly and do product managers play a role there?

Q10.  What are some of the books and resources that may have shaped your career?

Q11.  What are the few vital skills you think product managers cant do without to succeed in their careers?


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reinventing book-the-design-of-businessrework

[slideshare id=5014344&doc=howtouseagileforroadmappingandbesuccessfulatit-100819153235-phpapp02]