About Arne Kittler and Marc Kadish

Arne and Marc are directors, Product Management of Xing. Xing is a career oriented social networking site for professionals and is a leader in most German speaking nations.



Questions for Arne and Marc

  •  Tell us a bit about Xing and your individual roles in Xing.
  • Marc and you are also organizers of Product Tank in Hamburg. tell us a bit about that.
  • Help us understand what Auftrags klarung is all about. What were your motivations behind coming up with such a framework?
  • Do you use this framework to approve or disapprove a project if the outcome is not satisfactory?
  • What stage of the project is this canvas supposed to complete?
  • Who owns the task of completing the Auftragsklarung canvas? PM s and POs together?
  • What does Director product management mean? How is the role of Director Product Management different than that of a Sr Product Manager? What are the shifts in mental models and approaches to work needed when you move from Sr PM to Director, PM? How should one prepare to move up to Director PM in his career?
  • Do you want to recommend books that may have shaped your product career?
  • What are the vital skills necessary for product managers?