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Through this podcast interview series, I speak to product leaders all across the world and learn from how they build and manage world class products. Over the course of past several months I have interviewed people like Steve Johnson, Shardul Mehta, Prabhakar Gopalan, Mike Smart, Michael Eckhardt and many others. One of the important segments of my podcast interviews are ‘war stories’, where I ask my guests to narrate case studies where they solved the most challenging problems as product managers. I also ask my guest to provide books recommendations that may have shaped their careers.


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April Dunford on How to Nail Product Positioning

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Sidharth, Head of Product & Design, Headout on Product Management in Payments Industry – Interview by Abhineet Sinha

Abhineet asked the following questions to Sidharth:
Introductory Questions

 How was the transition from being a startup founder to a head of design to a product manager,  what all role options you had, out of all those what led you to choose Product Manageme

How you got interested in Product Management, anything specific that gave […]

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Renuka Thakur, Sr PM, Shopify on Product Management Craftsmanship

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Mukesh Ghatiya, Product Consultant, Ex-PM Leader, OLX & CommonFloor on Real Estate Product Management

About Mukesh Ghatiya
Mukesh is a Product Consultant and Ex-Product Management Leader at OLX & Common Floor .

Interviewer: Abhineet Sinha
Abhineet is Sr Product Manager Product manager at Artoo with over seven years of experience in product management/development, buildingconsumer web products across various industry domains like Real estate, Classifieds, Logistics,Telecom, Travel & hospitality and Financial services/Lending.

Questions Abhineet asked […]

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Alexandru Bleau, Product Manager at Trivago on How to perform A/B and Multivariate Testing

About Alexandru:
Alexandru is a Product Manager at Trivago.

Questions we asked Alexandru:

Help us understand your role at Trivago. And what does user profiling mean?
lets start from the basics. What are A/B tests?
There is also something called multi-variate test? What’S the difference?
Could you help us understand them better with sample scenarios?
You […]

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Peter Krmpotic, Group PM at Adobe on Why personas, use cases, and verticals are lifeblood of PMs.

About Peter Krmpotic:

Peter is Group Product Manager at Adobe

Questions we asked Peter:

Please help us understand your current role at Adobe. How does a regular day or a week look like?

Before I ask you the questions on the theme today, I want to state that I myself am new in building products for […]

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Matthias Walter, Founder, Platform Innovation Kit on business canvases to build platform products

About Matthias:

Matthias Walter, Founder/Creator of THE PLATFORM INNOVATION KIT.


Questions for Matthias:

Tell us a bit about you and the background story behind Platform Innovation Kit. What made you come up with a kit?
Why are the regular product canvases that I mentioned about are not suitable for platform products?
Help us understand the structure of platform […]

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Vishrut Shukla, PM, Product Partnership & Growth at Microsoft on Fundamentals of Product Partnership

About Vishrut
Vishrut is Product Manager, Product Partnership & Growth at Microsoft Teams

Questions for Vishrut:

Before we begin, please Give us a brief overview of your career trajectory till now.
Help us understand your current role? How have you reached here?

What do you mean by product partnerships? What is the need for product partnerships […]

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Sachin Rekhi on how he built his latest product, Notejoy from scratch

About Sachin Rekhi
Sachin is a respected product leader who had held leadership roles in organizations like Linkedin. He is a serial entrepreneur having build many products in his lifetime.

Questions for Sachin Rekhi:

Since all the questions will be based on your experience of building Notejoy, let me begin by asking you to describe what […]

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Saeed Khan, veteran product leader(25+ years) on how to manage your product career & other topics

About Saeed Khan
Saeed Khan is one of the most experienced product managers I have known for some time. I have read and benefitted from many of his articles he has written over the years.

Questions I asked to Saeed Khan:
1. You have had a vast career experience for 25 years primarily in product management. How would you describe your […]

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Saswati Saha Mitra, User Research Manager, Uber on how she manages user research at Uber

About Saswati Saha Mitra:

Saswati Saha Mitra, is the User Experience Research Manager at Uber, London.

Questions for Saswati

Help us understand a regular day or week at Uber for you?
Uber is in 59 plus countries how does she make sure the research findings are valid for all. As in do you just research in […]

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Ram Papatla, VP, Product Management, Flipkart on how he leads products at Flipkart

About Ram

Ram Papatla, is Vice President at Flipkart. If you remember I had another guest from Flipkart before, Punit Soni who had just moved on from his role as CPO at Flipkart. I met Ram at Product Management Festival, Zurich where he was invited to give the opening keynote. And What a proud moment it was for the […]

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Marty Cagan on his new book, Inspired 2: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love

About Marty
Marty Cagan is the author of two editions of Inspired and founder, partner at Silicon Valley Products Group. The first edition of Inspired is known to be the Bible for product management practitioners. One of the questions I often ask my guests is the books that they would recommend for my fellow listeners and […]

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Nitin Julka, Group Product Manager, Linkedin on how he manages products in Linkedin

About Nitin Julka

Nitin Julka is Group Product Manager at Linkedin. He shared his experiences on how he builds products and manages product teams in Linkedin.


Questions I asked to Nitin:

1. Give us a brief rundown of your career so far.
2. Talking about blogs…What gives you the motivation to write blog posts? Why do you think […]

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Ash Maurya, author Running Lean on why Customer Focus Canvas is vital to define the customer problem

About Ash Maurya
Ash has built products for more than a decade, and throughout that time he has been in search of a better, faster way for building successful products. He has tried everything from building products in stealth, building a platform, open sourcing, practicing release-early release-often, embracing “less is more”, and even trying “more is […]

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Christian Hassa on how Impact Mapping solves customer problems better


About Christian Hassa
Managing partner at TechTalk his main role is leading the evolution of their methodology and practices and facilitating their application in projects for their clients.

Questions for Christian

Please tell us a bit about you and your career.
Help us understand what is Impact Mapping and what is its relevance?
Can Impact Mapping be applied to simple features as […]

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Tim Herbig on Using Hypothesis Template for Product Development, Lateral Leadership and other topics

About Tim Herbig:
Tim is Director, Product Management at Iridion
Question for Tim:

Why don’t you give us a run down of your career trajectory?
You are about to begin an exciting new role. Please tell us a bit about it.
The first topic I had in mind is on the Hypothesis Template that you recently […]

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Kalyan Nistala, Product Manager, Netflix shares about how he builds products at Netflix and Amazon

About Kalyan Nistala
Kalyan is Product Manager at Netflix.

Questions for Kalyan:

How different is product management  from amazon to Netflix. ?
What are your roles and responsibilities at Netflix? Whats a typical day or a week looks like for you in Netflix?
What’s the product culture in Netflix is like? How do they build products there?
How […]

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Alan Klement on Jobs to Be Done and his book, When Coffee & Kale Compete

About Alan Klement:
A thought leader of Jobs to be Done and author of When Coffee and Kale Compete
Questions for Alan Klement:

Last time you mentioned that there was a book in progress and rued the fact that there were no published books. But all of a sudden it rained books: Calyton Christentenson came up […]

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Geoff Beresford, Product Manager, Google on what does it take to be a PM in Google










About Geoff Beresford
Geoff Beresford is a product manager in Google and he talks about what it takes to become a product manager in Google.
Questions for Geoff:

Tell us a bit about your career?
How and when did you join Google?
How was your on boarding and initiation into Google?
Help us understand what does […]

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Tony Ulwick talks about his book, Jobs to be Done: Theory to Practice – his life’s work of 25 years

About Tony Ulwick :
Tony Ulwick, Founder and CEO of Strategy talks about his book, Jobs to be Done: Theory to Practice. Tony is the pioneer of jobs-to-be-done theory and the inventor of Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI), a powerful innovation process with a documented success rate that is 5-times the industry average. Tony has been granted […]

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Suresh Krishna, Director, Product Management, Oracle on How He Builds Products in a Large Enterprise

About Suresh Krishna:
Suresh Krishna Madhuvarsu is the Director, Product Management, at Oracle.
Questions Asked to Suresh Krishna:

Please let us know about your career trajectory.
What are your roles and responsibilities at Oracle? Whats a typical day or a week looks like for you in Oracle?
What’s the product management culture in Oracle like? How do […]

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Bruce McCarthy, also known as the PMs’ PM on his new book, Product Roadmapping

About Bruce
Bruce McCarthy, also famously known as Product Managers’ Product Manager shares a lot of deep insights on product roadmapping. Bruce has just come up with a new book, titled just that – Product Roadmapping.

Questions Asked to Bruce:

1. Tell us about your career journey

2. What made you come up with a book on roadmapping? […]

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Swapnil Saykar, Head Products, Amazon on how they build products at Amazon

About Swapnil
Swapnil Saykar is the Principal Product Manager for Amazon Ad Platforms, India.

Questions Asked to Swapnil:

1. Please tell us about your career trajectory?
2. At Amazon, what are your roles and responsibilities? Whats a typical day or a week looks like for you in Amazon?

3. As Head Products, What is your process of coming […]

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Jeff Gothelf on his book, Sense and Respond: How Successful Organizations Listen to Customers & Create Products from Harvard Business Review Press

About Jeff
Jeff help companies and organizations build better products and cultures. Through worldwide keynotes and workshops, Jeff has helped teams figure out the best way to utilize cross-functional collaboration, product strategy and experimentation and agile-friendly product design to ensure their ideas are found, designed and developed in a way the market welcomes.

Questions Asked to […]

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Lalitha Ramani, Director, PM, Intuit on How They Build Innovative Products at Intuit

About Lalitha Ramani
Lalitha Ramani is the Director of Product Management, Intuit, India
Questions for Lalitha Ramani

Please tell us about your career trajectory?
At Intuit, what are your roles and responsibilities? Whats a typical day or a week looks like for you in Intuit?
Intuit has always been known for its matchless innovation. What is it about […]

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Marc Abraham, Head Product, World First on building a product culture, a product mindset & more

About Marc Abraham
Marc Abraham, Head of Product, at World First from London who has been a product leader for several years in several companies. He is also the coordinator for Global Product Tank.

Questions for Marc

Please tell us about your career trajectory?
Tell us a bit about World First, the product you currency lead. […]

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Abhishek Rathore, Director, PM, Snapdeal on how he built its search and discovery features

About Abhishek Rathore
Abhishek is Director, Product Management @ Snapdeal, one of India’s pre-eminent Internet franchises (Snapdeal, Freecharge, Exclusively, Shopo, Unicommerce, GoJavas, Rupeepower etc.) with $4.5 billion+ in annual gross merchandise value (GMV) and over 1,000 engineers. Abhishek is the “Problem Solver” in Snapdeal – having worked on solving complex problems and improvement of metrics […]

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Roman Pichler on PM vs PO role, leadership styles, mindfulness, decision-making, etc.

About Roman Pichler
Roman Pichler is a product management expert specialised in digital products. He has 15 years experience in teaching product managers and product owners, and in helping companies improve their product management capabilities.

Roman is the author of three books, including Strategize: Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital Age and Agile Product Management with Scrum,
Read more

Questions […]

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Nishant Pandey, Head Products from, and – Part 2

About Nishant Pandey
Nishant Pandey, is a veteran revenue focussed product management leader for several years leading and creating successful internet products in both B2B and B2C space. He is driven by design, analytics, and consumer psychology.

Questions for Nishant
1 . In your Linkedin profile you mentioned you were involved in turning around and reinventing Jeevansathi. Do you […]

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Nishant Pandey, Head Products from, and – Part 1

About Nishant Pandey
Nishant Pandey, is a veteran revenue focussed product management leader for several years leading and creating successful internet products in both B2B and B2C space. He is driven by design, analytics, and consumer psychology.

Questions asked to Nishant:
1. Nishant, you have had a vast career experience. Do you want to Share with us your […]

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Sachin Rekhi, Ex-Product Head, Linkedin on Continuous Feedback loop, User Physchology and other topics

About Sachin Rekhi
Sachin is a serial tech entrepreneur and product executive based in Silicon Valley. He was most recently Director, Product Management for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, a new fast-growing LinkedIn premium subscription targeted at sales professionals with over $200M in revenue. Prior to LinkedIn, Sachin founded ConnectedHQ, an effortless contact management tool, which […]

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Mark Hull, Sr. Director, Product Management, Linkedin on product philosophy and how he hires PMs

About Mark Hull
Mark is an Executive leader in growth and management of online products, platforms and businesses in areas including social networking, messaging, social enterprise, mobile, social commerce, health, social gaming, community and beyond, at companies ranging from startups to large-scale public entities.

His Specialties include: General management, product development, product management, strategy, product marketing (including customer […]

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Yevgeniy Brikman talks about his book, “Hello, Startup: A Guide to Building Products, Tech, and Teams”

About Yevgeniy:
Evgeniy loves programming, writing, speaking, traveling, and lifting heavy things. He is the co-founder of Gruntwork, a company that helps startups get up and running on AWS with DevOps best practices and world-class infrastructure. He’s also the author of the very popular book “Hello, Startup: A Programmer’s Guide to Building Products, Technologies, and […]

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Arne Kittler & Marc Kadish, Director, Product Management, Xing on Auftragsklarung collaborative alignment framework

About Arne Kittler and Marc Kadish
Arne and Marc are directors, Product Management of Xing. Xing is a career oriented social networking site for professionals and is a leader in most German speaking nations.

Questions for Arne and Marc

 Tell us a bit about Xing and your individual roles in Xing.
Marc and you are also organizers of Product Tank in […]

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Anthony Crain gives a primer on Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

About Anthony Crain
Anthony Crain is an SAFe practitioner and coach. He has worked in IBM for more than 16 years in organizational change and five years in Motorola focused on development and methodology.

Questions for Anthony

Could you help us understand what Scaling of Agile means?
Why does older Agile methodologies do not work in […]

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Jason Fraser, Principal Product Manager, Pivotal Labs on Lean UX and Extreme Programming

About Jason Fraser

Jason Fraser is Principal Product Manager at Pivotal Labs.

Jason is passionate about implementing Lean Startup in product organizations and building innovative teams. This includes teaching, coaching, speaking, and developing new tools and approaches. Jason worked with startups all over the world to help them refine their product vision and inspire them to […]

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Mike Knoop, Co-founder, CPO at Zapier on hiring first PM, building a growth team etc

About Mike Knoop
Mike Knoop with us who is the cofounder and chief product officer at Zapier, a tool that gives you internet superpowers by connecting the web-apps you already use to do cool and useful new things. Zapier connects 600+ apps and has over a million active users. 


Questions for Mike Knoop:

What is Zapier?

 Share with us […]

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John Cutler on Evolving Role of Product Managers and a lot more

About John Cutler
John Cutler, an experienced product manager with several years of product experience. John is a Sr Product Manager with and is also an avid writer on everything around product and a very prolific one at that. 










Questions for John

Does writing help you become a better product person?
Do you advice product people to […]

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Elizabeth Burstein, VC at Mohr Davidow, Ex-PM at Linkedin on Traction Gap framework, her transition from PM to VC, her product philosophy and how she led a major overhaul of the Linkedin homepage

About Elizabeth Burstein

 Elizabeth is a principal at Mohr  Davidow Ventures, where she  focuses on investments in consumer  marketplaces, retail innovation,  digital health, and enterprise  automation. Elizabeth started her product  management career working on  LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn’s  highest revenue generating product.  Key launches included an overhaul of  thehomepage, the first  mobile recruiting app,  and CheckIn for university career  fairs. She then transitioned to the […]

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Karthik Srinivasan, Director Product Management, Eros Digital, on Behavioural Psychology in Hitech Products

About Karthik Srinivasan

Karthk is director product management at ErosDigital. Karthik has been ex-head products at Vodafone before and Ex-Product Samsung too. 
Karthik does tech products in the mobile domain that manifest as apps & websites. He is extremely passionate about product management & consumer behavior, with ambitions of marrying these domains to put a dent […]

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Teresa Torres, Product Discovery Coach on the Rise of Modern Product Discovery

About Teresa Torres

  Teresa is a product discovery coach who helps teams adopt     user-centered, hypothesis-driven product development  practices. She works with companies of all sizes on integrating  user research, experimentation, and the right analytics into  the product development process resulting in better product  decisions. Recent clients include Capital One, CareerBuilder,  Prezi, The Guardian, […]

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Akhil Aryan, ex-product head, Haptik on Chatbots and Conversational Commerce

About Akhil Aryan

Akhil is a believer of AI-powered chatbots. He built product for India’s largest chat based Personal Assistance company, Haptik.
Akhil has been running his own businesses from the age of 14. He calls himself an entrepreneur dedicated to frighteningly ambitious projects and positive disruption. What an ideal to live by!
Questions for Haptik:

You headed the […]

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Rian Van Der Merwe on introducing product management in startups

About Rian Van Der Merwe

  For those of you do not know Ryan is all you need to do it Google him . He  is all over the Internet because of the sheer value he provides to the world  through his prolific writing on everything around products. His posts in  Quora have tens of […]

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Abhineet Sinha on Building Products at Quikr, Analytics for Product Management etc


About Abhineet Sinha

Abhineet is passionate about building technology products. He has been a product manager with common floor, and Indiaproperty,com before, very strong real estate platforms. I havent had any guest from real estate or from classified space before. Hence, approached Abhineet and he gladly agreed.


Abhineet you work at Quikr and whoever I know have used Quikr […]

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Anupam Kundu, Global Strategic Advisor,Thoughtworks on Killing Products, Firing Product Managers

About Anupam Kundu

Anupam Kundu was till recently the Global Strategic Advisor for Thoughtworks. He has earlier been a Principal and Lean Agile Consultant at Thoughtworks too.

Anupam has a vast portfolio of successful and strategic leadership experience with  well known brands, both in for-profit and for-social-profit sectors. He brings  strong  focus in identifying common threads […]

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Punit Soni, Ex-CPO, Flipkart and Advisor/VP, Google on Executive Product Management and other product wisdom

About Punit Soni
Punit was till recently the CPO for Flipkart. He has been an Advisor with Google before. Has been VP, Product Management for Motorola Mobility.

Question for Punit Soni

To begin with Punit it was heartening to see your engagement with the product community in India after you left Flipkart. I have seen very few senior […]

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Harsha Kumar, Ex-AVP, Products, Ola on cab aggregation businesses like Ola and Uber, her product journey through Zynga and Ola and other PM topics

About Harsha Kumar
  Harsha Kumar, who was till a few  weeks ago, AVP of Products at  Ola  India. Now the audience in India  wouldn’t need an introduction  to    Ola  but for my audience outside  India must know that Ola is  India’s  answer to Uber so much so that Uber  is finding it tough […]

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Graham Kennedy on Product Philosophy, Design Jams, Product/Market Fit and a lot more

About Graham Kennedy
Graham is a seasoned product leader with over 10 years of experience as a ScrumMaster, product owner, and director of development. He has worked in multiple fast growth start-ups where he has helped optimize high performing product  cultures, roadmaps, and processes.
 He has continuously refined his strategies toward building great products  through various […]

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How to test an idea in 5 days? – Sprint by Jake Knapp, Google Ventures – A Book Summary


Product discovery is the very beginning phase in a product development process where you validate and test not just the problem hypothesis but solution hypothesis too. This is the phase where you ensure you are building the right product that meets the organization’s objectives.
In my product team where I have worked in the past, […]

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