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Through this podcast interview series, I speak to product leaders all across the world and learn from how they build and manage world class products. Over the course of past several months I have interviewed people like Steve Johnson, Shardul Mehta, Prabhakar Gopalan, Mike Smart, Michael Eckhardt and many others. One of the important segments of my podcast interviews are ‘war stories’, where I ask my guests to narrate case studies where they solved the most challenging problems as product managers. I also ask my guest to provide books recommendations that may have shaped their careers.


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Greg Geracie on the dynamics of high performing product teams, ProdBOK, and other PM research findings


Teams are what get things done in the world of work. Even though we often get to hear about individuals taking the limelight –  be it Elson Musk sending spaceships to Mars or Jeff Bezos building drones to ship products straight to your drawing room – we all know that behind every blockbuster success […]

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Henrik-Jan Van der Pol on Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

About Henrik-Jan Van der Pol

Henrik-Jan is a former management consultant and now founder & CEO of Perdoo, one of the fastest growing enterprise solutions for OKR.

Show Notes:
1:35  What’s the story behind OKRs? When and how did it make it entry into business world?
3:15 What are OKRs?
4:00 What is the difference between KPIs and OKRs?
5:50 What are […]

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Steve Portigal on the Art of Interviewing Users

About Steve Portigal
Steve Portigal is the founder of Portigal Consulting, a firm that helps clients to discover and act on new insights about themselves and their customers. Over the course of his career, Steve has interviewed hundreds of people, from all walks of life  including families eating breakfast, hotel maintenance staff, architects, rock musicians, […]

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Crucial Conversations – Tools for Talking When Stakes are High – A Book Summary (Part 1)

Show Notes:

Chapter 1: What is Crucial Communication?
Crucial conversations are discussion between two or more people where:
1. Stakes are high
2. Opinions vary
3. Emotions run strong
Chapter 2: Mastering Crucial Conversations Through the Power of Dialog

Explains the pool of shared meaning.
Pool of shared meaning is the birthplace of synergy.

Chapter 3:  Start with Heart: How to Stay Focussed […]

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Ted Rubin on How to Look People in the Eye Digitally and Stories about Seth Godin

About Ted Rubin
Ted is a leading Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist and Acting CMO of Brand Innovators in March 2009 started publicly using and evangelising the term ROR: Return on Relationship™… a concept he believes is the cornerstone for building an engaged multi-million member database, many of whom are vocal advocates for the brand, like the one […]

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Andrew Anagnost, SVP, Autodesk on Disruptive Business Models, Change Management, Public Speaking, Books and much more

Andrew Anagnost
A member of CEO executive staff, Andrew Anagnost has more than 20 years of product, business and marketing experience that he brings to leadership of Industry Strategy and Marketing (ISM) for Autodesk. He is responsible for overall marketing direction and resources for the company including the company’s vertical and cross-industry strategy and marketing, […]

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Shardul Mehta, VP Products on Product Canvas, Why Products Fail, His Upcoming Book and a Lot More

About Shardul

Shardul Mehta Shardul Mehta is VP of Products at Diamond Mind, a payments solutions company serving K-12 private schools in the US. He has been developing innovative software products, SaaS applications and digital solutions for over 20 years across a range of industries, including healthcare, financial services, consumer device protection and warranty services, […]

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Robert Huber on Why Collaboration Trumps Consensus

About Robert Huber

“Robert Huber is Director Software Lifecycle Management at ASM Assembly Systems. He has over 15 years of experience in product management, but also many more years in fields that work closely together with product management, such as business development, product marketing, development, and system test and system integrator deploying products in the field.  […]

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Three Horizons of Growth Framework

Continuing my experiments of coming up occasionally with short topic based podcasts along with regular long form interviews, I bring to you yet another episode and this time I am going to share with you a very important growth concept called the Three Horizons of Growth Framework from the very popular book called the Alchemy of […]

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Amy Bunszel, VP, Autodesk on Autonomy Vs Alignment, Product Management and Leadership

About Amy Bunszel:

As Vice President of the AutoCAD Product Line Group, Amy Bunszel leads the product team responsible for producing a wide variety of AutoCAD products running on Windows, MAC, web and mobile platforms. Most recently, Amy has been driving a transformation of the AutoCAD product line – modernizing the 30+ year old desktop […]

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Every Technique Ever Written About Feature Prioritisation Will Fail Because of This

Show Notes:

I have collected around half a dozen feature prioritisation strategies over time that I refer to while planning my product release. It makes you feel you are in control and on top of things when you are equipped with such valued knowledge. With such a body of collected wisdom accumulated over years, you […]

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Donna Imam on the #1 game changer in technology product management & Other PM wisdom

About Donna Imam

Donna Imam is a management consultant with Inteleaf, helping solve the most critical business, strategic and financial challenges faced by the hi-tech industry in bringing new products to market. Inteleaf is based in Austin but supports clients world-wide.

She is also the Sponsors Chair for Product Camp Austin, thus keeping one of the […]

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Steve Johnson, “Godfather of Product Management” on Agile Product Management

About Steve Johnson: 
“Steve Johnson is the tech industry’s storyteller and a recognised thought-leader on product management, marketing, and sales enablement. Steve is a popular keynote speaker at technology forums and author of many articles on product management and marketing.
Steve has been working within the high-technology arena since 1981 with experience in technical, sales, and marketing […]

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Michael Martin, CEO, Audvisor on What it Takes to be a Purple Cow in the Overcrowded App World

Show Notes

5:30: Tell us a little about your career trajectory. How has the journey been?
8:00: What is Audvisor? How would you describe it?

11:00. What are the broad topics it covers? Who are some of the experts who have lend their audio advice on Audvisor?
15:00: Since most of our audience are product managers, and product entrepreneurs, please […]

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Mike Smart, Egress Solutions on How to Measure the Effectiveness of your Product Management team

About Mike Smart

Mike brings more than 25 years of high technology industry experience in a variety of leadership roles to the business. He has completed successful engagements with technology companies such as NetApp, Sage, VMware, BigMachines, K1 Capital, Vista Equity Partners, P2 Energy Solutions and Identive.

Prior to founding Egress, Mike served in leadership and […]

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Prabhakar Gopalan on Whole Product Concept , Difference between MVP and Whole Product and What it Takes to be a Craftsman PM

Prabhakar Gopalan is Principal & eponymous founder at PG Consulting. He works with Venture Capital funded Startup CEOs and Fortune 1000 executives to help them with growth strategies. His background spans a diverse set of roles in systems engineering, consulting, product management, product marketing, corporate strategy and mergers & acquisitions. He has worked at […]

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Michael Eckhardt, MD, Chasm Institute on the 7 Deadly Sins of Crossing the Chasm, the New Edition of Crossing the Chasm 3.0, and other PM Wisdom

Michael Eckhardt, Managing Director of Chasm Institute shares the 7 deadly sins of crossing the Chasm derived from his vast experience of 500 client engagements in the last 15 years. He also talks about the new edition of Crossing the Chasm that has sold more than 2 million copies He shares about market development […]

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Minette Norman, VP, Autodesk on Building Organizational Savvy, Actively Managing your Career, Negotiating Office Politics, Self-Promotion, and much more

About Minette:

Minette Norman is the Vice President of Global Engineering. Her organization includes engineering operations, localization, engineering transformation, engineering community, and technical training. She oversees the operation of Autodesk R&D centers in Shanghai and Singapore that comprise more than 1200 software developers, testers, product managers, and user experience professionals.

Show Notes:

2:15: Introduction to Minette Norman

3:50: Personal […]

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Rich Mironov on his upcoming book, why PM is inherently political, trends and shifts in PM discipline, paying it forward and much more

Show notes:

6:35: Is product manager also a people manager? Should he also Manage people issues in the team or should that be relegated to the individual functional managers?

11:30: Do you believe a product manager should try working in different domains through his career or getting competency in a single domain?

15:00: How can PMs get better in […]

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John Mansour, PM Veteran for 25 yrs on B2B PM Framework, Biggest Career Lessons and other PM Wisdom

Show notes:

3:30: John’s career Journey

4:10: Business 2 Business Product Management Framework

6:10:  Why do product managers or the PM organizations need a framework to operate?

6:45: Why has the software industry not been able to arrive at a consensus to form a common standard or framework on product management globally.

9:55:  Shares about Proficientz’ B2B PM Framework

18:55: Why […]

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Micah Dickerson, Sr. PM Autodesk on Managing Remote teams, Managing Upwards and on other PM wisdom

Micah Dickerson is a Senior Product Manager on the AutoCAD team with responsibility for AutoCAD for Mac, as well as several key areas of core AutoCAD. He’s been working in the software world for more than 15 years, and has a background in architecture, web technologies, market research, and visual design. He has spent […]

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Amar Hanspal, SVP, $ 2 Billion Autodesk on Product Strategy, Decision Making & other PM wisdom


Amar Hanspal As Senior Vice-President, Products at Autodesk shares his wisdom on product strategy for a large organization, how he handles trends and competitive threats, prioritizing projects, decision making process towards  crucial decisions like acquisitions or killing existing projects, how he manages time, how does he manages information overload, how he keeps himself sharp at […]

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Daniel Elizalde on Feature Prioritization and 4 Pillars of Product Leadership

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10. Boris Masis, Google on User Research and Customer Interview Techniques

Boris Masis stumbled into his first accidental Product Management job when he became the internet director for an education company in Boston, Massachusetts. Boris then went on to work as a web product manager at Shutterstock in New York, and as an Android product manager for Samsung in Singapore. Boris is currently at Google […]

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08. Meri Rosich: CEO, App Strategy Labs On Successful App Marketing Strategies

Meri Rosich is CEO/Founder of App Strategy Labs, an Ex-Bertelsmann digital, Samsung MKT, Amex innovation consulting. UNWomen STEM Ambassador

Show notes:

5.20 mins: Meri’s Career Trajectory
15 mins: About App Strategy Labs
28.5 mins: A low down on the global App Economy
34.5 mins: How to succeed in building Apps
44.5 mins: Surviving competition
47.5 mins: Should your App be reviewed […]

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A Primer on the Internet of Things

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06.What Customers Want: Using Outcome-Driven Innovation to Create Products – A Book Summary

Shesh Vasudevamurthy with 18 years of experience in product management, product development and strategy consulting shares his knowledge on OEM Negotiations, Technology partnerships, product management, and books that have shaped him.

Show Notes:

2 mins: Introduction of Shesh
4. 2 min: About Confianzys
10 min: OEM Negotiations
11.5 min: Why companies get into OEM Partnership
18.5 mins: Stakeholders in an […]

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05. Robert Huber: On Product Management Frameworks, On Product Management and Product Owner Roles, His Biggest Career Lessons, and much more

In this podcast we learn from Robert his own career trajectory, we will understand about standard product management frameworks in the industry, we understand the power struggles between a product manager and a
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03: Scrum -The Art Of Doing Twice The Work In Half The Time, A Book Summary

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02: Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products – A Book Summary

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01. Adrienne Tan: Career in Product Management

Starting this week, I begin weekly podcast where I speak to experts and product leaders and learn from them about what it takes to build excellent products, the processes, the methodologies,  that goes into building world class products. I also do book summaries on important and inspiring books that are relevant to product management and […]

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How to hone your product sense?

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Project 52 Lunches

I read this quote long ago and it has stayed with me since then:

“Product managers build a network, make friends everywhere, radiate their values, and know whom & where to go to at every turn in their journey.”

The last thing a product manager must suffer is a reluctance to meet new people. Being a […]

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Global Product Management Frameworks

Organising Product Camp Singapore opened up a world of opportunities to meet the best in class people from the product management fraternity in Singapore and beyond. My calendar these days is full with lunch meetings with some of the amazing people I met in Product Camp Singapore.

Robert Huber is one of the passionate product management practitioner, […]

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The Product Scorecard

It was a satisfying week since I got to immerse myself in Michael Porter’s Competitive Strategy, a world authority on the subject. More on that later in a separate blog post. The other interesting thing that happened to me this week was my introduction to the concept of The Product Scorecard. My product manager […]

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The Role of S Curves in Product Innovation

One of the high points of Product Camp Vol 2 was listening to Ani Bhalekar’s talk on S-Curves. I had my big Aha! moment while the concept made perfect sense to me. This blog post is derived from his talk.

Businesses, or the products of businesses, follow an S curve that are characterised by a […]

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From Products to Platform: APIs as a Business Strategy

Silicon Valley is replete with big success stories of companies that once started only with a killer app or a product but went on to grow into huge companies, be it Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, you name it. And they all attribute their success to their API strategy of converting their products to platforms.

I just finished […]

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Product Camp Singapore Vol 2 a Success

After a promising launch of Product Camp Singapore last year, we organised the second edition on 2nd August at the inspiring precinct of Silicon Straits. With more than 60 product managers and marketers as participants from some of the best product companies and startups, Volume 2 looked much better in its appeal and quality […]

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Are You Living in Permanent Beta?

A couple of weeks ago, I curiously asked my product manager if the executive team of my organisation had a vision for a minimum number of years — and whether it was 3 years or 5. Though he did not give me a direct answer, what he tried to explain made perfect sense to […]

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11 Axioms of Product Management

Money follows real value.
Value is created when problems are solved.
Value must be experienced before it is real.
Vision is essential but insufficient.
Strategies are essential but insufficient.
Execution is essential and can compensate for weak vision and sub-par strategy.
People get things done, not vision, strategy, roadmaps, or anything else.
Problem discovery comes first.
Customers are good for problem discovery, […]

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How do you access product opportunities?

The core force driving companies that build products and services is identifying and accessing product opportunities.

A product opportunity exists when there is a gap between what is currently on the market and the possibility for new or significantly improved products that result from emerging trends.

In the article on What Drives New Product Development, Jonathan […]

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How important is domain experience for a product manager?

The truth is many product managers are hired exclusively for their domain experience, and I do think that there a few products where domain experience is truly essential. However, this is an exception than the rule.

Marty Cagan in his book says that it can be dangerous for a product management to have too much […]

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So, where do you find a good product manager?

From Marty Cagan’s book, Inspired.

I listed out the traits of a good product manager in a previous post. After reading the list of traits and skills, you may be thinking that such people are extremely rare. Good product managers are a rare breed.

There are different schools of thought on recruiting product managers. Many companies […]

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Co-relation between Budget and Product Strategy

Most product companies begin their entire direction towards a new product investment with a strategy document. It’s the most important piece of document that cements the vision and direction at one place. It acts as a guiding light for the entire product team.

However, the most important dependency on product strategy is its budgetary limits. […]

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On Story-Writing Workshops

A story-writing workshop is a meeting that includes developers, users, the product customer and other parties who can contribute by writing stories. During the workshop the participants write as many stories as they can. No priorities are associated to the stories at this point.

A story-writing workshop is known to be the most effective way […]

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What is Cohort Analysis and why it is important?

I came across the term Cohort Analysis for the first time when I read Eric Ries’s Lean Startup and the concept seemed very powerful fundamentally especially in the context of web based products. And since the world is moving from desktop to the cloud, it seemed like an important concept to grasp. Therefore, I […]

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How do you measure a product manager?

Paul Young  and Rich Mironov shared illuminating posts last week  on how to measure a product manager.  I also read about the same topic in the book, Inspired by Marty Cagan. That gave me a fillip to write on the same topic borrowing and adding on to their thoughts.

I have asked this question before to many people […]

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What does a product manager do?

Product Management is the intersection between business, technology and user experience. A good product manager must be:

Experienced in at least one
Passionate about all three
Conversant with practitioners in all.


Product Management is above all else a business function, focused on maximising business value from a product. Product Managers should be obsessed with optimising a product to […]

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Who is a Product Champion?

Product champions often play a major role in facilitating entrepreneurial behavior and innovation within organizations. Without the influence and efforts of these entrepreneurial champions, many organizational initiatives would not be successful.  Through this article, Alok Chakrabarti delineates the role of a product champion in product innovation.


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Desmystifying ISVs, VARs,OEMs, and SI

After all these years in the industry, I still struggle to understand with precision the distinction between an ISV, a VAR, OEM, and an SI. These terms are used generously in any industry especially in the realms of sales and marketing.

With this post, I intend to settle my confusions once and for all.

With my […]

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