About Bruce

Bruce McCarthy, also famously known as Product Managers’ Product Manager shares a lot of deep insights on product roadmapping. Bruce has just come up with a new book, titled just that – Product Roadmapping.

Questions Asked to Bruce:

1. Tell us about your career journey
2. What made you come up with a book on roadmapping? Did you see a lot of people struggling.
3. In the chapter 2, on the anatomy of roadmap, you mention about “forward-looking” or “safe-harbor” statement. And you gave an example of GE. What does it mean?
4. You also point out the case of a technical roadmap, where you say that high level thematic roadmap provides great context to them but they would want more information like, scalability, risks, technical enablers, scaling, refactoring etc. D you actually have a separate roadmap for them?
5. Sometimes board and CEOs ask for actual revenue projections for roadmap items, which is difficult to predict. How do you deal with such a request?
6. You mention in the book that companies like Slack and Buffer share their roadmap out in the public. I was talking to Janna Bastow of Prodpad and she too makes her roadmap public.
7. You also mention about Outcome based roadmap. Do you want to explain that to us?
8. What is theme based roadmapping (Solving for customer needs) that was shared by Jared? Why is it so effective?
9. One the core functionWhen we talk about alignment, we often think collaboration, and buy-in and consensus. You say they are similar yet different terms. Could you help us understand the difference?
10. What do yu mean by shuttle diplomacy?
11. 1. War Stories: War Stories: In this segment, my guests share the most important challenge they faced in the their product career and how they resolved it. And even if they failed to resolve it, what were the key lessons learnt from the experience.
12. What books and resources would you recommend fellow product managers?
13. After all these years of experience, What are the vital few skills according to you are required to succeed as a product manager?