About Christian Hassa

Managing partner at TechTalk his main role is leading the evolution of their methodology and practices and facilitating their application in projects for their clients.

Questions for Christian

  1. Please tell us a bit about you and your career.
  2. Help us understand what is Impact Mapping and what is its relevance?
  3. Can Impact Mapping be applied to simple features as well or only big projects?
  4. How do you create an impact map?
  5. Please help us understand the difference between the zone of control and the sphere of influence.
  6. You also mentioned that what is in zone of control could be in sphere of influence for someone else and vice versa. What did you mean?
  7. Help us understand how do we quantify and measure impact? You mentioned about identifying the stop condition. Help us explain that. Give an example?
  8. You also mentioned about the need to Help us understand visualising GAP? Why is it so important?
  9. Lets also talk about Iterate, experiment, align, discover
  10. How can our listeners get started with Impact Mapping.