Show Notes:

Chapter 1: What is Crucial Communication?

Crucial conversations are discussion between two or more people where:
1. Stakes are high
2. Opinions vary
3. Emotions run strong

Chapter 2: Mastering Crucial Conversations Through the Power of Dialog

  • Explains the pool of shared meaning.
  • Pool of shared meaning is the birthplace of synergy.

Chapter 3:  Start with Heart: How to Stay Focussed on What You Really Want

  • The first principle of dialog: start with Heart.
  • If you can’t get yourself right,  you’ll have a hard time getting dialogue right.
  • Refuse the Sucker’s choice

Chapter 4: How to Notice When Safety is at Risk?

  • The first condition of safety is Mutual Purpose.

Chapter 5: How to Make it Safe to Talk About Almost Anything?

  • 3 tactics to help rebuild mutual respect or mutual purpose:
    • Apologize when appropriate
    • Contrast to fix misunderstanding
    • CRIB to get mutual purpose
      • Commit to see mutual purpose
      • Recognize the purpose behind the strategy
      • Invent a mutual purpose
      • Brainstorm new strategies

Chapter 6: Master Your Stories: How to Stay in Dialog When You are Angry, Scared or Hurt?

  • This chapter explores how to gain control of crucial conversations by learning how to take charge of your emotions.