About Donna Imam

Donna Imam is a management consultant with Inteleaf, helping solve the most critical business, strategic and financial challenges faced by the hi-tech industry in bringing new products to market. Inteleaf is based in Austin but supports clients world-wide.
She is also the Sponsors Chair for Product Camp Austin, thus keeping one of the most well-attended Product Camps completely free for attendees.
Show Notes
0:45: Donna’s introduction
1:30: Share with us about Product Camp Austin.
4:30: You wrote a very popular Linkedin article titled  “Be the most empowered individual contributor” and “Get promoted over and over”. Please share key insights from the article.
10:00: Please share with us your career trajectory.
14:30: What sort of companies or clients do you work for?
19:00 In your past year of consulting what have you found to be the major       challenges that product managers are struggling with right now?
24:00 Your Linkedin article on “Getting your customer to spill the beans” became very popular. Please share with us the key message of the article.
30:00: Your focus is on B2B hi-tech specifically, and recently you presented in Austin about the no 1 game changer in this field – tell us what that is why you think this is a game changer?
34:00: What has been the biggest challenge for you as a product manager in your career?
40:00: What do you think are the key skills that are essential to be an effective Product Manager?
48:30: You talk about product management as a new or emerging title which didn’t really exist 15-20 years ago. What do you think are the key changes coming to the field of product management?
56:00 What are some of the books that may have shaped your career that you would like to recommend other product managers to read?
1:00:00 How do you keep improving on your craft of product management?


  • When the customer talks, you should be quiet. “
  • “You can use (user/customer) experience to significantly change how your products are perceived”
  • “Beware the customer doesn’t know what they say”
  • “Perceive the need of the person you are communicating with”
  • “Books have not shaped my career, people have”
  • “PMs must read more case studies”