About Emily Tate

emily Emily is the product manager for TripCase, a leading  travel management app. A veteran of the travel industry,  Emily started her journey managing software solutions  for airlines before taking her experience to the traveler’s  side of the journey. At TripCase, Emily has managed the  product through significant growth and change,  including a complete redesign of the entire app and a  shift in product management and development  methodologies. She was recently listed as one of 52  women making an impact in product management.


  1.  Tell us a little more about your day to day work with Tripcase.

  2. How is a product management role  for the web different from product management role for mobile?

  3. How can someone pick the right skills to move to mobile product management?

  4. What are the key strategies  a product manager needs to apply to solve problems in the mobile space?

  5. How does development cycles/sprint cycles and release plan look like for a mobile product?

  6. What are some of the metrics that are used to measure the success of your product?

  7. How do you envision the future of a mobile product?

  8. The popularity and success of an app is its simplicity. There is an optimum features set that make an app look great. But then over time you keep adding more and more functionality and use cases  to the point that it becomes complex. Do you think its a good idea? Or do you believe an app should be unbundled into different apps? What are the risks of unbundling?

  9. What are some of the upcoming trends and predictions  for mobile products?

  10. War Stories: What is the biggest challenge you faced in your product management career and how did you resolve it. And if you could not resolve it, what were you big lessons out of it.

  11. What according to you are the  vital skills for product managers to succeed?

  12. What are some of the books and resources that may have shaped your career?