About Graham Kennedy

Graham is a seasoned product leader with over 10 years of experience as a ScrumMaster, product owner, and director of development. He has worked in multiple fast growth start-ups where he has helped optimize high performing product  cultures, roadmaps, and processes.Graham

 He has continuously refined his strategies toward building great products  through various cultural experiences living in Canada, United States, China,  and now Singapore, where he now heads up the product development team  for a successful start-up.
  Graham strongly believes that product teams should own  product/market  fit results, including identifying ideal customer  profiles, value proposition  positioning, go to market strategies,  and ultimately own the profit and loss  for company verticals.
 He believes that the traditional model of having sales teams lead a  company’s full sales cycle is slowly dying as companies become  more savvy  and informed when making buying decisions.
 Graham thinks, In the end, its the companies with the best  products and  product marketing teams that will emerge as the  most important drivers of  revenue, value, and brand.

Questions for Graham Kennedy

  1. You are the head of product at TradeGecko. What’s trade gecko into?
  2. While researching for your interview, I came across your visual resume. You have a very interesting online visual resume in the form of a narrative and it reveals a lot of your personality. For the audience who are curious, do check out grahamkennedy.com. Some of my initial questions will be from your resume.
  3. On your resume, you share about your product philosophy. I was very fascinated by that. I have never asked my guests about their product philosophy. I wasn’t even sure if product people have a philosophy. I am sure our audience will learn a lot from there. Why don’t you share yours?
  4. You also mention that a complex product requires a simple 8 step workflow : from concept to delivery. Could you brief share what they are according to you?
  5. You delivered an insightful talk recently titled, We are all Revenue Officers. Could you let us know what was your key message in the talk?
  6. A major part of your talk was on Finding the right Product/Market fit. I have struggled to arrive at one consistent definition of product/market fit. Could you explain your understanding of product/market fit.
  7. Last time we spoke, you shared about design jams that you do with your customers to understand their problems and that helps think about the future direction of your product. Do you want to elaborate the entire process.
  8. In your presentation, you shared about a product managers playbook. What is your playbook all about?
  9. You mentioned in your website that building a great product is simply a byproduct of having a great team. If you don’t have that, build it first and fast. What according to you is a great team?
  10. A product manager doesn’t have authority over his team members. How do you think can he still demonstrate leadership?
  11. The next segment of my podcast is what I call as War Stories. It is here where my guests share their career’s biggest challenge as product leaders and the key lessons they learnt from it. Do you have such a challenge to share?
  12. What are some of the books that may have shaped your product career over the years?
  13. What are some of the key vital skills you think a product manager can’t do without?



  • Graham’s visual resume: www.grahamkennedy.com
  • Books recommended by Graham:
    • Crossing the Chasm
    • Running Lean.
    • Hooked
    • Hard Things about hard things,
    • Work Rules

crossingthechasm runninglean hooked hrdthings workrules