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GrScreen Shot 2016-06-02 at 1.33.40 pmeg is a senior level management consultant and trusted advisor. Greg has extensive experience managing relationships at the C-level in addition to working with individuals, teams and groups at all levels. Based on Greg’s 25 years of management experience including 15 years focused on Agility, Greg is a sought after voice for strategic guidance and planning to accelerate Agile Transformation with an emphasis on Lean Pri
nciples. Greg’s early career included hands-on development of innovative and differentiating software products and tools using a combination of software, hardware and systems engineering principles and practices.

Greg has coached, mentored and trained individuals, teams and organizations as diverse as Angel-funded startups, privately owned technology and well-established brand names and Fortune 500 multinationals.


  1. As I said, I do not have any experience in this topic, let me begin with the very basic question. What is visual planning and Why do you consider Visual Planning so important for product development?
  2. How did you come to see the relevance of Visual Planning to Product Development and Solution Delivery?
  3.  How did you first come to learn about Visual Planning?
  4.  Were there events in your career that made Visual Planning more appealing for you and your teams?
  5. The closest I can relate this to is Design Thinking approaches. How different  is it from Design Thinking? Do they speak the same philosophies of solutioning?
  6. Are there advantages to Visual Planning that more orthodox forms of planning lack?
  7. How are you incorporating Visual Planning in your work with Product Development teams?
  8. Do you find Product Development teams receptive to this idea?
  9. What has been the reception for Visual Planning at the executive and stakeholder levels?
  10. What forms of Visual Planning have you been using recently?
  11.  Can you describe some specific engagement and solution examples and why Visual Planning made a significant difference?
  12. Do you incorporate more orthodox forms of planning into your work?  If so, please explain
  13. You’ve shared some success stories with our listeners.  Do you have some not-so-successful stories to share related to Visual Planning?
  14. Is visual planning a silver bullet for planning and solutioning.
  15.  Do you see limitations to Visual Planning?  If so, how have you worked around them?
  16. What are the trends in Visual Planning that our listeners should be aware of?
  17. How can our listeners learn more about Visual Planning?
  18. What do you think are the vital skills required for product managers?
  19.  What are some of the books that may have shaped?

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