About Jeff

Jeff help companies and organizations build better products and cultures. Through worldwide keynotes and workshops, Jeff has helped teams figure out the best way to utilize cross-functional collaboration, product strategy and experimentation and agile-friendly product design to ensure their ideas are found, designed and developed in a way the market welcomes.


Questions Asked to Jeff:

  • After a super successful book, Lean UX, what led you write the book, Sense and Respond ?
  • What is the Sense and Respond Model?
  • In the first chapter you provided examples of Borders vs Amazon, Kodak vs digital camera. Borders partnered with Kobo to counter Kindle. You mention about how mighty incumbents have been taken over by digital technology. And you say it is more than mere digital disruption. What is it?
  • You mentioned that most of our management techniques were created at a time when two way conversation didn’t exist? How and why have things changed now?
  • You identify five key principles for sense and respond approach, Please let us about them.
  • You talk about adopting the continuous mindset, which is more than just listening to the customer. Could you elaborate on that with an example may be?
  • I really like your new “Definition of Done”. In the Industrial Age mindset, success was the launch of the product, if it was on time and on budget. Creating an output of some sort is not our goal. Success is the extent to which we achieve an outcome they seek. This is the definition of done.
  • In Chapter 8, which is about creating a culture of continuous learning, you identify 7 important elements. One or two.
  • War Stories: In this segment, my guests share the most important challenge they faced in the their product career and how they resolved it. And even if they failed to resolve it, what were the key lessons learnt from the experience.
  • What books and resources would you recommend fellow product managers?
  • What are the vital few skills according to you are required to succeed as a product manager?