About Lalitha Ramani

Lalitha Ramani is the Director of Product Management, Intuit, India

Questions for Lalitha Ramani

  • Please tell us about your career trajectory?
  • At Intuit, what are your roles and responsibilities? Whats a typical day or a week looks like for you in Intuit?
  • Intuit has always been known for its matchless innovation. What is it about Intuit’s product and innovation culture that makes it possible.
  • As a Director, PM, What is your process of coming up with strategic product plans? How does it translate into execution? How do you ensure the success of your product strategy?
  • How do you recognise product opportunities? What is your process of coming up with a product roadmap?
  • What are the pros and cons about being a PM based in India working on products for markets overseas?
  • Can a product manager be effective being remote from the customers and marketplaces? What are the ways you can build remote customer empathy?
  • What are the skills/mindset required for PMs to succeed in such a global role?
  • War Stories: What has been your most difficult product challenge in your career? (in depth for 10-15 minutes)
  • What is your product philosophy? (Example: https://grahamkennedy.com/#/)
  • What are your after-work activities related to products? How do you keep learning and improving yourself after work?
  • What books and resources would you recommend fellow product managers?
  • What are the vital few skills required to succeed as a product manager? What do you look for when hiring a product person in your team?