About Marc Abraham

Marc Abraham, Head of Product, at World First from London who has been a product leader for several years in several companies. He is also the coordinator for Global Product Tank.

Questions for Marc

  • Please tell us about your career trajectory?
  • Tell us a bit about World First, the product you currency lead. * How do you define a product culture?
  • How can product managers help create a product culture?
  • What do you mean by a product mindset? * How can product managers instill a product mindset?
  • We know that product managers lead by influence and not authority. You have some opinions on this topic. Do you want to talk about them please?
  • You also talk about ‘product janitors’. What do you mean by that? <whats the difference between product managers and product janitors?
  • As Head Product, World First, What is your process of coming up with strategic product plans? How does it translate into execution? How do you ensure the success of your product strategy?
  • How do you recognise product opportunities? What is your process of coming up with a product roadmap?
  • War Stories: What has been your most difficult product challenge in your career? (in depth for 10-15 minutes)
  • What is your product philosophy? (Example: https://grahamkennedy.com/#/)
  • What are your after-work activities related to products? How do you keep learning and improving yourself after work?
  • What books and resources would you recommend fellow product managers? * What are the vital few skills required to succeed as a product manager? What do you look for when hiring a product person in your team?