Michael Eckhardt, Managing Director of Chasm Institute shares the 7 deadly sins of crossing the Chasm derived from his vast experience of 500 client engagements in the last 15 years. He also talks about the new edition of Crossing the Chasm that has sold more than 2 million copies He shares about market development strategies for enterprise cloud organisations and  other product management wisdom.

Show Notes: 

5:00: Introduction of Michael Eckhardt

7:00: Number of Crossing the Chasm copies sold

8:00: Why did Crossing the Chasm achieve such astronomical success?

10:00: What is the new edition of Crossing the Chasm about?

14:00: What are the 7 Deadly Sins of Crossing the Chasm?

18:00: How long should you stay with the early customers before moving to the main market?

29:00: How should companies like Autodesk, who are now offering their services in cloud, cross the chasm?

33:00: Do you think in the cloud world of delivering products, the chasm of adoption exists? Shouldn’t the chasm flatten out eventually making it easy for customers to adopt?

36:00: What is the Four Gears Model for B2C business?

40:00: What is the biggest consulting challenge you faced in your career? What are the key lessons?

43:00: What are they key books that you would recommend product managers to read?

46:00 What are the key skills product managers must have to succeed in their field?

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