Show Notes
5:30: Tell us a little about your career trajectory. How has the journey been?
8:00: What is Audvisor? How would you describe it?
11:00. What are the broad topics it covers? Who are some of the experts who have lend their audio advice on Audvisor?
15:00: Since most of our audience are product managers, and product entrepreneurs, please share with us your process of conceptualization of this idea. What made you come up with this idea? What’s the story behind?
21:30: How did you test it, get early validation, for design, content etc? Did you go through the Build Measure Learn loop?
25:00 What according to you is the perfect app marketing strategy to make it reach the mainstream market. Could you help us explain the complete life cycle or stages of an app product?
31:00: You have an advisory board of eminent people like Bill Henderson, COO of Netflix and Joel Comm himself etc. Could you elaborate on the need of having a strong advisory board for the success of a product? And what goes into building one.
33:00: Share with us the biggest challenge you have ever faced in making a product decision. Your darkest hours. What were the key lessons learnt?
38:00: What are some of the books that have inspired you in your professional career?
41:30: What advice do you have for entrepreneurs who are looking for that next big app idea?