About Mike Knoop

Mike Knoop with us who is the cofounder and chief product officer at Zapier, a tool that gives you internet superpowers by connecting the web-apps you already use to do cool and useful new things. Zapier connects 600+ apps and has over a million active users. 




Questions for Mike Knoop:

  • What is Zapier?

  •  Share with us your journey with Zapier? How did this idea occur to you?

  • How long has Zapier been in existence? 

  • When and How did you decide to hire your first product manager

  •  You are also building your first growth team. Help us understand what do you mean by a growth team first? And then share with us your experience of building it. 

  • What are the challenges of generating recommendations in a product that connects 600+ app

  •  I know that you love soccer and you like drawing parallels between soccer and product management. What do they have in common?

  • War Stories: What has been your biggest product challenge in your career and what were your key lessons.

  • What have been your biggest influences in your product career, books, people, events?

  • What are some of the vital skills a product manager must have to succeed in his career.