About Mike Smart
Mike brings more than 25 years of high technology industry experience in a variety of leadership roles to the business. He has completed successful engagements with technology companies such as NetApp, Sage, VMware, BigMachines, K1 Capital, Vista Equity Partners, P2 Energy Solutions and Identive.
Prior to founding Egress, Mike served in leadership and executive roles with a variety of companies including Pragmatic Marketing, Nsite (now SAP), Go-Remote (now iPass), and Tandem Computers (now HP) as Senior VP of Operations, VP of Product Management & Development, and VP Product Management.
Show Notes:
1.00: Introduction to Mike Smart
4:15: What is the difference between product driven, sales driven,  market driven, competitor driven and customer driven organisations?
7:45 How would you identify whether an organisation is product driven or sales driven?
9:00 Why do you think that a market driven company has higher success rate?
11:00 What is the difference between metrics and measurements?
14:15 What are the common  metrics and measurements to evaluate the effectiveness of product management?
15:45 What is the difference between rearview, operational and activity based metrics?
23:00 How does a new product management team set up a metrics system?
26:15 What is the ideal duration to check back on the metrics?
27:15 How many key metrics to focus on at any given point of time?
28:10 Are there separate metrics for measuring performance of product managers and products?
30:30 What is the biggest challenge Mike encountered as a product manager in his career?
36:00 At what stage of growth should an organisation invest in setting up the product management function?
43:00 What are the key skills according to you to be a successful product manager?
46:15 How should a new product manager acquire the communication skills and vocabulary to interact with different functions of the organisations like sales and marketing?
48:15 What are some of the books that you recommend product managers to read?