About Minette:

Minette Norman is the Vice President of Global Engineering. Her organization includes engineering operations, localization, engineering transformation, engineering community, and technical training. She oversees the operation of Autodesk R&D centers in Shanghai and Singapore that comprise more than 1200 software developers, testers, product managers, and user experience professionals.

Show Notes:

2:15: Introduction to Minette Norman

3:50: Personal background and family

5:15: What are your strengths that have helped you grow in your career and how did you build those strengths?

6:40: What are some of the struggles and challenges you faced in negotiating your career?

8:45: So for most of your promotions, did the promotions come to you or did you have to stake claim?

12:00: How should you be sure of your aspirations?

14:00 How do you project yourself and convince the management that you are the best person for the job?

15:30: Should you self-promote or should your work do all the talking?

18:00 How can introverts self-promote?

19:45: How to bounce back from your failures or embarrassments ?

22:20: How much of coaching and mentoring has helped you in your career?

24:30: How to get better on soft skills and people skills if you are not naturally good at it?

27:30: Do you have role models and do you model their behaviours and attitudes?

28:45: What’s your take on office politics and sucking up to the higher-ups? Please dispel myths and misconceptions surrounded to it.

33:00: Does female ambition require personal sacrifice?

35:00: Were you as a women hindered by your own internal barriers?

37:20: How do you keep yourself sharp and work on your personal development?

39:00 What are some of the books that have shaped you and you would recommend others?