About Mukesh Ghatiya

Mukesh is a Product Consultant and Ex-Product Management Leader at OLX & Common Floor .


Interviewer: Abhineet Sinha

Abhineet is Sr Product Manager Product manager at Artoo with over seven years of experience in product management/development, buildingconsumer web products across various industry domains like Real estate, Classifieds, Logistics,Telecom, Travel & hospitality and Financial services/Lending.

Questions Abhineet asked Mukesh

General Questions – To start with

  • A bit about the background – initial years of work
  • How was the transition from being a startup founder to a product manager,  what all role options you had, out of all those what led you to choose Product Management
  • How you got interested in Product Management, anything specific that gave you the kick

Questions specific to Indian Real Estate and problems that are important to solve

  • Where is the Indian real estate sector heading? 
  • From where it is now, where will it be in another 10 to 20 years, what role will the online real estate players play
  • What are the primary problems that a product can solve in the online real estate sector
  • Do you see house buying online becoming a reality in the near future if no/yes then why
  • What are the differences between Indian real estate problems/startups and problems in the developed world (US, Europe)
  • What are the changes that you have witnessed in the online real estate segment over the last 5 years, have people become more receptive to using technology products for their real estate needs
  • What role has technology played in shaping the future of the real estate sector in India

Questions specific to product management

  • Help us understand how you define product management in technology space 
  • When does a startup need a product management function, elaborate more on the product thinking aspect
  • A lot of my friends keep asking me and I am sure you also would have come across these questions that what are the good certifications for product managers,  something like CSPO or AIPMM. What are your thoughts on these
  • How can one develop product thinking skills, what is the formula to become a good product manager
  • How do you evaluate people for a product role, what are some of the skills that rate higher on your list
  • Do engineers/coders have an advantage over others in a race for a product management role to build a technology product
  • How is it leading a team of product managers, how you decide on various roles and how do you distinguish different type of product managers
  • What are the books you recommend for product managers across the world