About Nishant Pandey

Nishant Pandey, is a veteran revenue focussed product management leader for several years leading and creating successful internet products in both B2B and B2C space. He is driven by design, analytics, and consumer psychology.

Questions for Nishant

1 . In your Linkedin profile you mentioned you were involved in turning around and reinventing Jeevansathi. Do you want to share key lessons from this experience?

2. What is your product philosophy? I began this asking this question to my guests after I interviewed Graham Kennedy who shared about his product philosophy (grahamkennedy.com/#/)

3.One of your most popular blog post is titled, “Product Managers: Becoming Dispensable; Becoming Invisible”. Do you want to summarise it?

4. What is the “The Anna Karenina Principle in Internet Product Management”?

5. There is one question I had not planned before to ask but it just occurred to me that I ask you. Your Linkedin profile introduction reads as “Product Management, Analytics and Consumer Behaviour”. I am getting to hear a lot on consumer phschology and consumer behaviour lately and the need for PMs to pick their skills on this field in particular. I also had Karthik Srinivasan, Director PM at Eros Digital and Sachin Rekhi, Director, PM, Linkedin, Help us understand why this field is so much important these days.

6. War Stories: This is a segment where my guests share with me the most important product challenge they faced in their career and how they resolved it. Do you have a war story to share?

7. What are some of the books that may have shaped or influenced you in product?

8. What are some of the vital skills you think product managers cant do without?