About Nitin Julka

Nitin Julka is Group Product Manager at Linkedin. He shared his experiences on how he builds products and manages product teams in Linkedin.


Questions I asked to Nitin:

1. Give us a brief rundown of your career so far.
2. Talking about blogs…What gives you the motivation to write blog posts? Why do you think that is important for you?
3. You wrote a Linkedin blog post in 2014 that became so popular and viral. It was titled How I got my first valley based product management job in 5 weeks. Do you want to share the story.
4. What does Group Product Manager mean? How does it differ from a Sr Product Manager?
5. How do you plan a roadmap?
6. Share a war story from your career
7. What according to you are the most vital skills for a PM.
8. You are an avid reader. What are your best books recommendations for PMs