About Peter Krmpotic:

Peter is Group Product Manager at Adobe

Questions we asked Peter:

  • Please help us understand your current role at Adobe. How does a regular day or a week look like?
  • Before I ask you the questions on the theme today, I want to state that I myself am new in building products for enterprise. Hence, I am going to be asking a lot of dumb questions.
  • You said, “Traditionally, industry verticals are defined by the SIC and its industry codes. If this categorization is blindly applied by product managers and product marketers, it can create problems when building and marketing products.Instead, product organizations should categorize companies into verticals based on how these companies use the product to operate their business. ” Could you help us understand this better.
  • “Without the vertical context, your personas and use cases will be muddled, because you will end up mixing requirements that you hear from different companies, and each may belong to a different industry. Similar but still different.” How you help us understand with some examples.
  • Help me understand this. There is a new PM who joins a new enterprise organization. What are the things he should do to start understanding his enterprise customers?
  • You should verticalize the market not by SIC codes, but instead by the Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies companies employ. What does it mean?
  • What are the steps PMs could use to improve verticalization?