About Punit Soni

Punit was till recently the CPO for Flipkart. He has been an Advisor with Google before. Has been VP, Product Management for Motorola Mobility.


Question for Punit Soni


  • To begin with Punit it was heartening to see your engagement with the product community in India after you left Flipkart. I have seen very few senior professionals reaching out to the community and helping out young folks like you did in the last few months. And as a result, you have garnered a lot of goodwill in the community too. So tell me, what was your motivation behind reaching out and helping product community?
  • For junior and mid-level PMs its very rare to get a perspective from the top level that you have worked for. So, it will be very important to learn from your experience. When you took up the role at Flipkart, how did you prepare yourself for the role? What was your first 100 day plan?
  • My next question is on strategy and execution. Once on the job, How do you divide your time and focus between strategy and execution? Not all product leaders are good with both. You seemed to have launched a great number of successful products that is testimony of your execution.
  • You have often said in your interviews that you  have never worked in the same space twice in my career. As a product manager, the single most challenge most product managers face is shifting industries or domain. How do you move across new  like VR, AI, IoT when you have never worked on it before?
  • My next question is on metrics and organisational alignment. When you lead a large product organization (it was a 400 person team in Flipkart), how do you ensure that the product manager at the very bottom of the organization  who is working on his feature is in alignment to the business objective of the organization. How do you ensure alignment across the organization?
  • You must have worked with product managers who reported to you. What are some of your lessons in managing a team of product managers to bring the best out of them. What has been some of your challenges?
  • As a product manager, there are hundreds of things to do at any point of time. It’s so easy to get pulled into different directions get busy and achieve nothing. How do you Ensure you stay on TOP of things and moving the needle on the most important things?
  • What is your process of arriving at your quarterly, bi-annual and annual product goals?
  • When you responsibilities are so broad, how do you manage your time, divide your focus some productivity tips? How do manage a week, a month or a quarter ?
  • In your recent Ask Me Anything session in Product Management HQ, you were asked a question on books and resources to read about improving product sense. You said, you improve your product sense by play with products instead of reading about them. Since you said that, Let’s play with Zomato. This is because you have stated this that you love the product Zomato. I have the website open, I have the app open. please share some of the things about this product that you love so much.
  • As a young product manager, how should he manage his product management career? What kind of companies he must choose to work? What kind of domains? Large companies, small startups? And how should he know that he is growing as a product manager? Executive presence: What is the shift in mental modes that Sr PMs should make to grow and evolve to the next level towards AVP and VP, products – C level. Product management is known to be a political organization. How do you survive and thrive in that politicaly charged environment?
  • How do you keep yourself sharp? What do you do to keep yourself on top of your game? What are some of your learning habits? What do you advice fellow product managers to accelerate their learning?
  • What are some of the books/resources that may have shaped your career?
  • What are the few vital skills you think a product manager can’t do without to be successful in his career?