About Ram

Ram Papatla, is Vice President at Flipkart. If you remember I had another guest from Flipkart before, Punit Soni who had just moved on from his role as CPO at Flipkart. I met Ram at Product Management Festival, Zurich where he was invited to give the opening keynote. And What a proud moment it was for the entire Indian product community to have a product leader from India open one of the largest product conferences in Europe.

Questions for Ram:

Q1. Give us a brief summary of your career trajectory?
Q2. When you took up the role at Flipkart as VP, PM, how did you prepare yourself for the role?
Q3. Help us understand the product organization you lead? How is it structured?
Q4.  How does a regular week look like on your calendar? What are your key roles and responsibilities?
Q5. What is your process of visioning, strategising, and executing your projects? What is your process of arriving at your quarterly, bi-annual and annual product goals?
Q6. With fast paced nature of eCommerce, what sort of Roadmaps do you have? How far into the future do they cover?
Q7. In a large product organization like Flipkart, how do you ensure alignment towards execution across the complete chain all the way to ensuring the last PM is building the right features?
Q8. How do Product Managers between various systems collaborate – PMs who manage the front end (web, app) to PMs who manage backend systems (check out, recommendations, deals etc.) to PMs who manage seller side systems and internal systems (like Customer care)?
Q9. War Stories: What is the biggest product challenge you have faced in your product career? What are the key lessons from the experience?
Q10. How should product managers navigate their careers?
Q11. How do you manage your finite time to match with infinite deluge of information and still stay updated and relevant in your field of work?
Q12. What are the few vital skills you think a product manager can’t do without to be successful in his career?