About Robert Huber


Robert Huber is Director Software Lifecycle Management at ASM Assembly Systems. He has over 15 years of experience in product management, but also many more years in fields that work closely together with product management, such as business development, product marketing, development, and system test and system integrator deploying products in the field.  Furthermore, he lived and worked for many years in Europe, the US and Asia, which gives him a global view on product management and the markets. Robert focuses mainly on SW products and solutions and was one of the drivers to change his traditionally operating organization from the waterfall process to an agile process resulting in much better products with higher customer satisfaction, higher transparency throughout the development and quicker ROI for its product. He is passionate about product management, drives always for continues improvements and is happy to contribute more to the global product management community. He is also a member of the International Software Product Management Association (ISPM).

Show Notes:

3:00: Robert introduces the meaning of collaboration vs consensus.

8:30: Should the final call on a functional issue be taken by the functional leaders?

12:00: When should you escalate an issue if there hasn’t been an agreement in the team?

15:00: Some organizations are developer driven or UX driven and most times the decisions are biased by them. How do you handle such a scenario?

17:00 How to ensure collaboration vs consensus is adhered to in teams?