About Roman Pichler

Roman Pichler is a product management expert specialised in digital products. He has 15 years experience in teaching product managers and product owners, and in helping companies improve their product management capabilities.

Roman is the author of three books, including Strategize: Product Strategy and Product Roadmap Practices for the Digital Age and Agile Product Management with Scrum,
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Questions we asked to Roman:

  •  A couple of weeks ago, I had written to you asking about how the working relationship between POs and PMs should be in a product organization. Since Agile doesnt define product manager as a role in the team, but the reality is there are PMs and POs working together for the same product. Whats the difference between the two roles and how should they work together.
  • My next question is on stakeholder management. I for one have found it difficult to identify who the actual stakeholders are. First help me understand what constitutes the stakeholders and then we talk about stakeholder management. 
  • On Decision Making. There is a lot of talk about consensus vs collaboration. How should decisions be taken in a team. What style suits best for decisions? When does a collaborative or participatory approach is recommended and when the person in charge of the product should decide?
  • We know product management is a leadership function even though leading is by influence and not by authority. You have written about different different leadership in the realms of product management. Do you want to share it?
  • You wrote a blog post on mindfulness recently which became quite popular. Mindfulness has suddenly a hot topic, a flavor of the season. Why did you write on such a topic and why do you think mindfulness is so important today? How can we be more mindful at work?
  • You have successfully published two books, which by itself is an acknowledgement of your discipline and deep sense of work. What are some of your personal habits to accomplish your goals like publishing books?
  • We live in times of extreme and accelerated change. technology has the shelf life of banana. what you learn today, it becomes irrelevant. you stay . resonated with a lot of people. Life Long Learning and managing career: How should one plan his product management career? Do you have some advice? How should one invest in continuous self-learning along with a career?