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romanRoman Pichler is a leading product management consultant, teacher, and author. He has 15 years experience in teaching product managers and product owners, and in helping companies improve their product management capabilities. Roman is the author of Strategize and Agile Product Management with Scrum, he has created several powerful product management tools, and he writes a popular product management blog.

As the founder and director of Pichler Consulting, Roman looks after the company’s products and services. This keeps his product management practice fresh and allows him to experiment with new ideas.


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If you hard pressed for time to listen to the podcast, here are the highlights of the interview.


1. Your first book was Agile Product Management with Scrum which is hugely popular. What made you write this particular book and what is the book all about?

2.  While explaining product strategy early on the book, you mention three elements?  Why and how did you arrive at these three elements?

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3.   What do you mean by product market fit? Before that lets spend sometime to understand the technology lifecycle.  You mentioned “once you start to achieve significant growth, you have achieved Product/market fit? So which phase of product lifecycle do you think do you achieve product market fit?

4. Under choosing the right validation technique,  you explain a few techniques like observing users, interviewing customers, creating MVPs. and developing a spike. All of the were quite familiar to me but what do you mean by developing a spike?

 5.  At what stage of the product lifecycle do you decide not to add any more features? After that it becomes a diminishing return proposition.

6.  You talk about primarily two types of roadmaps: feature based and goal oriented. What’s the difference?

7.  You have covered roadmapping extensively in the book. I would urge the listeners to buy your book to learn them. What are some of the best roadmapping tips you would like to share for our audience?

8.  You have an important section that is titled “Get The relationship between the roadmap and the product backlog right”?

9.  Please explain to us about the Go Product Roadmap template that you share in the book?

10.  Case Study: Can you share with you the biggest challenge you have faced in your product career? How did you solve it ? And even if you couldn’t solve it, what were the biggest lessons learnt out of it?

11.  What are the key vital skills you think are important for a product manager to succeed?

12.  What are some of the books that may have shaped you in your career and that you would want to recommend fellow product managers?