About Saeed Khan

Saeed Khan is one of the most experienced product managers I have known for some time. I have read and benefitted from many of his articles he has written over the years.

Questions I asked to Saeed Khan:

1. You have had a vast career experience for 25 years primarily in product management. How would you describe your career?

2. How should one manage his product career? 1. Pointers around whether startups or large enterprise?

3. Should we stick to a certain domain or should we move across domains?

4. What are some of the parameters that a product manager should consider before deciding to join an org?

5. Since you have held different roles from individual PM to director to VP PM. What does it take you to move from Sr. PM to Director and Director to VP, PM?

6. When I asked you to recommend a theme for this podcast, you expressed interest to talk about management side of product management. What did you mean by that?

7. Help me pick a few questions on this that I could ask you.

8. What are some of your suggestions that sound product managers constantly get better in their craft?

9. War Stories: In this segment my guests share the biggest challenge they faced in their product career and how did they solve it. Or even if they could not solve it, what were the lessons learnt.

10. What according to you are the few vital skills needed for a successful product manager?

11. What are some of the books or resources that you refer to keep learning and which you would recommend our listeners?