About Saswati Saha Mitra:

Saswati Saha Mitra, is the User Experience Research Manager at Uber, London.

Questions for Saswati

  • Help us understand a regular day or week at Uber for you?
  • Uber is in 59 plus countries how does she make sure the research findings are valid for all. As in do you just research in the US and extrapolate?
  • What is your approach to solving a problem or building a new feature?
  • I am sure you work closely with product managers in day to day work. How do you compliment product managers with your effort?
  • When should a product company invest in user research?
  •  How to make sure research scales? How to get PMs involved in inception research and designers to do their own validation research of their designs?
  • How can product managers hone their user research skills?
  • War Stories
  • What is the advice she would give to someone interested in ux research career?
  • What are some qualities do you look for while hiring researcher in your team?
  • What according to you are the vital skills needed for a product manager to succeed in building successful products?