Abhineet asked the following questions to Sidharth:

Introductory Questions

  •  How was the transition from being a startup founder to a head of design to a product manager,  what all role options you had, out of all those what led you to choose Product Manageme
  • How you got interested in Product Management, anything specific that gave you the kick

Questions specific to Indian MSME payments sector (important problems to solve)

  •  Where is the Indian MSME payments sector now, where is it headed to?
  •  From where it is now, where will it be in another 10 to 20 years, what role will the technology startups play in the same
  • What are the primary problems that a product can solve in the MSME payments space
  •  What are the differences between Indian payment space problems and problems in the developed world (US, Europe)
  •  What are the changes that you have witnessed in the payments space over the last 5 years, have people become more receptive to using technology products
  •     What role has technology played in shaping the future of payments in India

Questions specific to product management

  •     Help us understand how you define product management in technology space
  •     When does a startup need a product management function, elaborate more on the product/UX aspect
  • How important is design/UX skills for a product manager, as you have transitioned from a design role to product management role, take us through the journey
  •     Let’s speak about one problem that you solved recently at Instamojo and how was your experience doing the same
  •     What are the books you recommend for product managers across the world