About Suresh Krishna:

Suresh Krishna Madhuvarsu is the Director, Product Management, at Oracle.

Questions Asked to Suresh Krishna:

  • Please let us know about your career trajectory.
  • What are your roles and responsibilities at Oracle? Whats a typical day or a week looks like for you in Oracle?
  • What’s the product management culture in Oracle like? How do they build products there? * What is your process of coming up with strategic product plans? How does it translate into execution? How do you ensure the success of your feature releases? * How do you pursue product opportunities? What is your process of coming up with a roadmap?
  • What is your product philosophy? (Example: https://v2.grahamkennedy.com/#/)
  • War Stories: In this segment, my guests share the most important challenge they faced in the their product career and how they resolved it. And even if they failed to resolve it, what were the key lessons learnt from the experience. WE spend a good 10-15 minutes on this topic and try to go deep into it.
  • What are your after-work activities related to products? How do you keep learning and improving yourself after work?
  • What books and resources would you recommend fellow product managers?
  • What are the vital few skills according to you are required to succeed as a product manager?