About Teresa Torres



  Teresa is a product discovery coach who helps teams adopt     user-centered, hypothesis-driven product development  practices. She works with companies of all sizes on integrating  user research, experimentation, and the right analytics into  the product development process resulting in better product  decisions. Recent clients include Capital One, CareerBuilder,  Prezi, The Guardian, and the Wikimedia Foundation.
Before becoming a coach, Teresa spent the majority of her  career leading product and design teams at early-stage  internet companies. Most recently, Teresa was VP of Products   at AfterCollege, an Internet startup that helps college  students find their first job. She was CEO of Affinity Circles,  an online community provider for university alumni  associations and a social recruiting service used by Fortune  500 companies. She also held product and design roles  atBecome.com and HighWire Press. Teresa write a lot for    Inc.com as well. You must check out her articles.


Questions for Teresa

  • On many occasions, you talk about “dual-track” development. And you said you are surprised many product managers aren’t aware of it. I Please enlighten us with what dual track development is all about?
  • You also mention that a fundamental shift has been happening in product management over the years, which you mentioned as the rise of the modern product discovery. Could you explain what this shift is? Help us distinguish it from the traditional way of doing product discovery. 
  • What are some of the tools for modern product discovery?
  • You mentioned about three pillars of building great products? What are the three pillars according to you and why do you think they are important? <I would like to discuss each of these deeply>
  • Decision Making is a favourite area of mine that I often like to pose questions to my guests. How is it possible to become better product decision maker?
  • You have written a very popular article titled “The Path to Better Product Decisions “ on outcome based product management. Do you want to summarise the essence of it?
  • How can one ensure if they are doing modern product discovery right? What are some of the ways to validate it?
  • Case Study: What has been the biggest challenge that you faced in your product career. How did you resolve it? What were your key lessons? <We could spend 5-7 minutes in this drawing from your experience>
  • You are such a prodigious reader. What are some of the books that may have shaped your product career and that you would recommend fellow listeners. 
  • What are some of the vital skills that a product manager can’t do without?


Teresa’s book recommendations for product managers

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