About Tim Herbig:

Tim is Director, Product Management at Iridion

Question for Tim:

  • Why don’t you give us a run down of your career trajectory?
  • You are about to begin an exciting new role. Please tell us a bit about it.
  • The first topic I had in mind is on the Hypothesis Template that you recently created and shared. Now as much as I believe in Hypothesis validation, I do not follow any set structures. I spend reasonable time on the discovery side of a problem, ensure there is enough validation from customer’s point of view and go ahead with solving it. I want you to help us understand this concept and help us use the template.
  • Tim, you write prolifically about products, you read exhaustively and share about them. What drives you to invest so much in this field? Why are you so passionate ?
  • What according to you are the ways to grow as a product leader in career? What should we be doing everyday to keep getting better in our field?
  • What are some of the books and resources who would recommend fellow listeners to read and follow?
  • What according to you are the vital skills PMs cannot do without to succeed in their careers?
  • You wrote an article on Lateral Leadership for PMs. Do you want to elaborate on that?
  • You wrote a post on “why you don’t believe in Idea backlog”. Could you summarise your thoughts on that.
  • What is your personal product philosophy?
  • War Stories:  The other popular segment is War Stories where my guests share their most important challenge they faced in the their product career and how they solved it. Or even if they failed, how did they solve it.