Product Manager are typically responsible for defining and analyzing market conditions for a product, and discovering and quantifying the problems that the product must solve for the market. They are the “what” and “why” folks. They research customer needs and develop sales and marketing plans that will increase product awareness and get the product to the market.

The best project managers:

  • Know the right questions and answers to present to stakeholders and are equally adept at listening to them
  • Are able to quickly and frequently re-evaluate project priorities and make appropriate adjustments when needed.
  • Are deeply familiar with one or more areas, granting them natural authority and necessary strategic insight.
  • Can sift through information and data rapidly and determine where action is needed and what can be left as is.

Successful product managers:

  • Are excellent communicators.
  • Know how to be leaders without being authoritarian. Through a combination of negotiation, influence, and relationship building, the best product managers can steer their ship calmly and steadily.
  • Learn quickly and posses a solid understanding of the fundamentals of business. They know how to identify opportunities and strategies that will lead to a winning product.