I picked this book from the local library after being overwhelmed by glorious reviews from every respectable product management blog that I had subscribed to.

It is prescribed as an essential part of a Product Manager’s Toolkit by many.

Every startup worth its salt has being prescribing its prospective hires to have read the book multiple times before even beginning the interview.

The book starts on a relatively familiar ground and then the author Mike Cohn gradually leads you to the deep waters in a patient and progressive manner. He makes no assumptions about the readers level of expertise or familiarity with Agile methods. At the same time, he writes in a way that gives the reader credit for being intelligent and purposeful.

The book is set into 4 parts:

  • Part 1 sets the foundation on writing user stories
  • Part 2 covers the estimation and planning of user stories and its velocity.
  • Part 3 explains how user stories are different differ from other requirements approaches such as requirements specifications documents, scenarios, and use cases. It also explains the advantages user stories have over these other approaches.
  • Part 4 binds all the lessons together in a comprehensive real life example.

I will write a complete review after I finish reading the book. Do visit again.