About Vishrut

Vishrut is Product Manager, Product Partnership & Growth at Microsoft Teams


Questions for Vishrut:

  • Before we begin, please Give us a brief overview of your career trajectory till now.
  • Help us understand your current role? How have you reached here?
  • What do you mean by product partnerships? What is the need for product partnerships in today’s world?

  • When we talk about channels partners, what does it mean? Are there different types of partners? What about OEM?
  • What kind of product partnerships are you involved with?
  • What do you mean by MSPs? Resellers, system integrators? VARs? I think there are a lot of overalaps with the definitions and their meaning isn’t it?
  • Why is it significant for organizations to engage in product partnerships?

  • At what stage of your organization’s life cycle should one think of product partnerships?

  • There are usually four growth strategies as shown below. Where does product partnership fall under?

  • How do you plan for partnerships? Do you have to come up with roadmap, goals?

  • Who are the people responsible for partnerships? Business development teams. Product management, how do they collaborate?
  • What does it take to partner? What are the essential elements to succeed?

  • What are the other ways of growth for a product or product line?

  • How do you identify and find potential partners? What parameters are important for you to consider a right partner?